The Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca is an international congregation founded by MOTHER ELISA MARTINEZ in the year 1938, through the inspiration of the Blessed Virgin. The congregation’s site of origin is located near the Sanctuary of our Lady “Santa Maria di Leuca”, so the bishop who granted the first approval requested the Mother Foundress to take this title for her daughters.

The congregation obtained the Pontifical approval of His Holiness Pope Pius XII in the year 1943. Our congregation is a growing family of Sisters of various nationalities, bound together by a simple “Rule of Life” and the common desire to uphold and live the Gospel in the spirit of love and service. The DML Sisters, like Jesus, continue to search and reach out to the “Poor of Jahweh”: the helpless, the weak, the needy, and those with suffering of any nature.

We fulfill our apostolate in social works, with preference for the little ones mentioned in the Gospel, to whom Jesus says He was sent (Lk.4,16) so as to be one with them. “Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers you have done to Me” (Mt.25,40).

Christ needs hands... Why not yours?

Young ladies of 18 – 23 years old, at least second year college, college graduates and young professionals with good health and sincerely aspiring to follow Christ may come, see and join the DML Sisters...

Required Documents:

  • Birth Certificate (original) from LCR & NSO
  • Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates
  • Marriage Certificate of Parents
  • Recommendation Letter from the Parish Priest
  • Barangay/Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate: Chest X-ray , Result Blood Exam etc.
  • Certificate of Graduation, Diploma, Special Order, Transcript of Records/Form 137-A